How Gluten Free are you?

I am a home bakery, and I have Celiac Disease, so I am very serious and committed to my baked goods being gluten free, safe, and enjoyable for all celiacs, those with sensitivities, and anyone else who would like to enjoy them. All ingredients used in any baking done for Mappina as well as any baking done in the kitchen are gluten free and peanut free. I never bake anything that is not gluten free to protect against the chance of cross contamination.

As a disclosure, my kitchen is not entirely gluten free, as I do have some food items that are conventional for my children. These items do not come into contact with any baking equipment as they are foods like goldfish crackers, sandwich bread, macaroni and cheese, and certain candies.

What allergens do your cookies contain?

All baked goods produced by Mappina are entirely gluten free and peanut free. Some menu items contain almonds that are produced in an almond only facility OR produced in a peanut free facility on thoroughly cleaned lines. All treats contain dairy unless otherwise noted. There are a few varieties that have dairy free options available with more to come in the future! If you have any other more specific allergen or ingredient questions that are not mentioned here, please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns.

Are you able to accommodate other allergies?

If you have any other dietary restrictions outside of gluten free or peanut free, I am happy to discuss how I can accommodate you! Also, I am trialing some vegan options of a few items on the menu, so please stay tuned and don't be shy if you have any questions.

How do I order and then get my treats?

I take orders via an online form, phone (440-478-7513), or email (rachel@mappinabakery.com) so that all details can be thoroughly discussed. An order invoice will be completed based on our conversation and then sent to the customer for confirmation.

Treats may be picked up, but I can also deliver them to you or your location of choice within Cuyahoga, Lake, or Geauga counties. Local delivery within five miles of University Heights, Ohio is free. A $2 per mile additional charge will be applied for any delivery greater than five miles.

Outside of the delivery area, please refer to the shipping menu.

Payment will be due upon receipt of cookies.

How do I pay my invoice?

Payment is accepted via cash or check made out to Mappina Bakery, or in person by credit card. Also, an invoice payment link may be emailed to you upon request, or the button below may be used to make an online payment.

How will my items be packed?

I will neatly pack your treats to keep them fresh in an airtight container or box, depending on what is ordered.

If interested in special occasion wrapping and presentation, whether it be for a party favor, event, or class treat, please let me know, and we can work together to iron out the details and cost based on your needs!

Do you ship?

Yes! Please refer to our shipping menu if you are outside of Cuyahoga, Lake, or Geauga counties.

Can you make any other items which are not on your menu?

If you have a family recipe that you are hoping to enjoy again in a safe way for your dietary needs, or any other treat you would love to eat free of gluten, I would love to help! Please contact me, and I will be happy to discuss the options and how I would be able to assist.

What does mappina mean?

The word "mappina," derived from the Latin word "mappa," is a southern Italian word for a little dishtowel. It's also used in Italian-American slang as "mopina" or "mopine."

Why did you name your bakery after a little dishtowel?

Whenever we work in the kitchen in my family, everyone always seems to have a dishtowel draped over the shoulder. My grandmother talks about her mother with the "mopine," and so it seemed like the perfect intergenerational connection; all of us over the course of the last 100 years in our kitchens, mappinas on shoulders, baking the same delicious recipes!